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Criminal Investigation Department Qatar

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Criminal Investigation Department Qatar

Qatar police force begin their journey in 2005. The department was issued by HE, Minister of State of Interior Affairs. This department is under the General Directorate of Detectives and Criminal Evidences. It is one of the major crime investigation department in the country. Qatar CDI is currently supervised by the General Directorate of Public Security. Due to the demand, CID department came across several expansions in recent years. Such expansion suppressed crime level in the state. Personnel working in the department are very efficient and each member in the force is well educated.

CID bureau of Qatar is currently working on various protective, administrative, defensive, social and community services.

The department carries out various intensive criminal investigation cases. Recently this division is proposing annual plan under the framework of ministry’s general policy. They are constantly working on crime control, investigations, complains and thorough tracking of the criminal chains. They are combatting against begging and organized crimes such as money laundering, terrorism and drugs smuggling. They are constantly working on various case related to missing and runaway occurrences. Last but not the least they have additional role of drafting yearly budget for the department. This department also contribute in several social volunteering services.

Following are the core objectives for Criminal Investigation Department of Qatar.

  • Investigating and handling daily minor crimes
  • Major crime investigation such as kidnapping, murder, rape etc.
  • Social and voluntary services

  • Forensic services for evidence accumulation.

  • Investigating Organized crimes such as money laundering, drug trafficking etc.
  • Identifying criminal or suspicious entities and or possible future threats.
  • Working on crime prevention programs
  • Combatting against begging crisis and initiatives against beggars.

Here are few work stations where you can get in services of CID officials:

  • Al Rayyan Security Investigation
  • Al Shamal Security Investigation
  • Al Januob Security Investigation
  • Office for prevention of Economic crime
  • Administration affairs
  • Anti-0begging office
  • Department’s central phone service
  • Dukhan Security Investigation

There are several other relevant stations. All these stations are distributed throw-out Qatar in order to provide services to the commoners. CID officials are constantly working with the police force of the country to bring peace and stability in nation.