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How to get police clearance certificate in Qatar?

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Police Clearance Certificate

Police clearance certificate (PCC) is a documented proof of a person’s character. Often country’s Law Enforcement body issues this certification to a person. Qatar also prepare such certificate for their residents on demand. The Qatar Criminal Evidence and Information Department handles police clearance certificate issues.

This department is a branch of Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Qatar. On demand, this department verify and process police clearance certificates.

Before getting in-depth knowledge on how to get PCC in Qatar, let’s dive into the points about importance of PCC in Qatar.

  • You must need a Police Clearance Certificate during immigration procedures in Qatar
  • This certification is necessary for study and employment.
  • PCC verifies a resident’s social and criminal records during your stay in Qatar.

Steps to get a PCC varies depend on your location and residency status.

Here are the step by step procedure to get a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Qatar:

Residing in Qatar

  • If you are residing in Qatar, you only need to bring your Identification card.
  • Apply for PCC from the Criminal Evidence and Information Department (CEID) in person.
  • Once issued, get the certificate from the department.

Residing outside of Qatar

  • You first need to return in Qatar and apply for PCC in person. Any known representative in Qatar, who also turns to be an attorney, can apply behalf of you.
  • The representative need to place your credentials and criminal evidences to the CEID.
  • If visiting in person, you need to explain the purpose of PCC in a form of letter.
  • You will also have to place a copy of your current passport and valid stay permit.
  • Your validated fingerprints.
  • Two copies of recently captured photographs.
  • PCC application fees for processing the certificate.

If you are not a citizen of Qatar and living here with valid visas, you have to follow different procedures.

If you are living in Qatar for more than six months

  • You need to apply for PCC in person
  • If unable, a known representative, who is an attorney, can also apply behalf of you.
  • You have to place a copy of current passport and Identification card.
  • You will also need two copies of recently taken photographs and copy of your stay permit.
  • And finally, you have to submit an application fee for carrying out this process.

If you are living outside of Qatar for more than six months

  • You need to apply for PCC in person.
  • If unable, a known representative, who is an attorney in profession, can also apply behalf of you.
  • You have to give a letter of purpose, which explains why you need a clearance certificate.
  • Your authenticated fingerprints validated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Qatari Embassy.
  • A copy of valid passport that is in current use.
  • Three copies of current photographs
  • You have to place copies of old passport, expired visa.
  • Also need to provide is your Identification card.
  • Finally, you need to pay an application fee for processing your PCC.

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