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How to register a business in Malaysia with SSM: 5 Steps

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How to register a business in Malaysia with SSM: 5 Steps

Want to know how to set up a company in Malaysia? But you have no idea about where and how to start a business in Malaysia, you may follow this article’s step!

Step 1: Think Of At Least 3 Names for Your Business.

Get your business at least three names. It is recommended that you do not use any of your personal information in any one of them.

We suggest using a tradename so that it will look professional. “Ali Tech” and “MY Tech”, which sounds more professional?

Pretty sure you get what we mean.

So, getting back to the point, you need at least three alternative names to write down on your “Borang PNA 42” form (we will get into what this form is in a minute). Only one of your chosen names will get approved for the company. Hence, think of names that would be:

  • Striking
  • Catchy
  • Appropriate for your business
What is the difference between Business Name and Trade Name?

Don’t get confused between what means as a business name and a trade name.

business name belongs to the person or entity that owns the company. You use your business name to fill up government forms and applications. For us, this would be MY Technologies since that is the registered business name.

In contrast, the trade name is different. Owners can use the trade name for marketing and sales purposes. This is the name that you put it out there for the public to see. For us, this would be just MY, since it is more catchy and easier to identify and a whole lot easier than to type “MY Technologies”.

It is highly suggested to use the same term or similar (like how we did) for both business name and trade name to avoid any uncertainty.

Some guidelines to follow:

  • Use correct language and without spelling errors.
  • Do not use a name that is too general E.g. Technology Resources. It needs to be straight to the point!
  • Do not use a name that is similar to a name that has been registered.
  • Strictly do not use vulgar, insulting or misleading in terms of identity and object.
  • Do not use a word that represents religious or political elements
  • Do not use names related to activities controlled by employment agencies or by a profession.
  • Use numbers if only needed and appropriately.

Step 2: Checking If Your Names Are Available.

Save yourself some bucks, by checking the name availability with SSM’s (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) online system.

By taking a brief look at the registered company names at SSM’s registry of companies, you will get a better idea to decide your new company name.

This way you can avoid using similar existing registered names and reduce the chances of being rejected by SSM. It also will save you from getting yourself possible additional charges payable to SSM.

Follow these simple steps for SSM Company Name Search Online:

  1. Visit to www.ssm-einfo.my
  2. Click on the blue button that says Register

Click on Register.

  • Fill in the e-Registration Form and then submit.

Enter your desired usernamepassword and email.

  • Once you’re done you should be You will get a pop-up asking you to Please login now. If you do not get the pop-up, you can simply click on the green Login button located right next to the blue Register button you clicked earlier.
  • Now simply, log in with your username & password
  • After successfully logging in, click on the icon >> Search
  • Enter your planned business name in the search box By Name
  • That’s it! The name search result from SSM will be displayed!

If you are not able to go through the steps above to identify if your desired business name is available. You can add a comment below and we will help guide you.

Back to the topic at hand, if the name you wanted has been taken, it will be listed down in a table. The search result will return empty if your desired name has not yet been registered with SSM. Do not worry if your desired business name was not what you had exactly in mind. You will think of something even more special!

Step 3: Completing Borang PNA 42.

You can get the Borang PNA42 from here:

 The famous Borang PNA 42.

A business name acts as the brand of your products or services you provide. The business name can be grouped into two types according to the Guidelines For New Business Registration:

  1. Owner’s personal name as stated on the IC (identity card) is not required in the application for approval of the business name. For example, Azhar bin Maideen, Fuk Kin Wong or, Ranjith a/l Mutusamy.
  2. Trade Name which is the chosen name for your business. This name must be approved in advance by the Registrar of Business at Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia. For example, Kedai Dobi Moden, Heaven Garden Catering, or Mewah Enterprise.

For trade Name registration, you need to propose your top three desired names for your company and fill it up in the first section of Borang PNA 42, then fill up the type or nature of the business you are going to operate.

No business according to Rule 15 under Rules of Business Registration 1957, shall be registered by a name which contains:

  • Any term implying a connection with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the Raja Permaisuri Agong or the Ruler of a State or a member of the Royal Family or Royal patronage, including such words as “Royal” or any equivalent expression;
  • Any term that implies a connection with the Federal or a State government department, constitution body, authority or agency or any municipality or other local authority, including such words as “Federal”, “State” or “National”;
  • Any word implying a relationship with any ASEAN, Commonwealth or other foreign government or with the United Nations or any other international bodies;
  • The word “Chartered” or any terms  implying a connection with any Society or body incorporated by Royal Charter;
  • The words “Association”, “Union”, “Foundation”, “Trust”, “Forces”, “Co-operative”, “International” or any equivalent expression;

Step 4: Completing Borang A.

You can get the Borang A (Borang Pendaftaran Perniagaan) here:

The Borang A.

Fill in the necessary details required. The previous (Borang PNA 42) that you had completed earlier should be attached along with this form (Borang A) if you are registering a new business and a new trade name.

Some important notes:

  • For the field  “TARIKH MULA BERNIAGA” or simply translated to as the “starting date of your business”, it has to be before the day of registration or on the day itself.
  • For the field “Jenis perniagaan yang dijalankan (Sesuai dengan nama perniagaan yang dicadangkan)” or simply translated to as “the type of business being run”, make sure the proposed name is suitable for the products or services that you provide.

Step 5: Finally! Submit your Forms. Done.

Simply head over to the following address to submit your forms:

SSM Address

Menara SSM@Sentral

No 7, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5

Kuala Lumpur Sentral

50623 Kuala Lumpur.

Operation Hours

Day: Monday – Friday

Service Counter: 8.15 am – 4.15 pm

Go to Floor 14 for your Business Registration (Sole Proprietorship/Partnership). If you’re starting a company that involves a more complicated structure (LLC, Sdn. Bhd., etc) in Malaysia, then go to Floor 17.

In case if you have any questions for SSM you can get in touch with them via the following ways:

SSM Contact Centre:

Tel: 03-7721 4000

Fax: 03-7721 4001

SSM General Line:

Tel: 03-2299 4400

Fax: 03-2299 4411

Hotline: 03-2299 4400

E-mail: enquiry@ssm.com.my

Help! What do I do if I do not live in Kuala Lumpur? Is SSM available in other states?

If you live in another state other than Kuala Lumpur, you can go through the following list that contains all the other SSM offices:

Important Things:


The owner (or all partners if there are any) needs to be present at the counter for registration.

Important requirements to take note of :

  • The owner must be a citizen of the country Malaysia or a permanent resident of Malaysia.
  • The owner must be at least 18 years of age and above.
  • Only the owner or partner is allowed to make an application.

Registration Fees

  • Sole proprietorship and using the personal name as business name: RM30.00
  • Sole proprietorship or partnership using trade name: RM60.00
  • Registration of branches: RM5.00 for each branch
  • Business Information Print-out: RM10.0
  • The Business Registration Certificate can be collected within an hour after payment. The whole process can be completed within 1 – 2 hours.

A Few Extra Pointers!

  • Register the business within thirty (30) days from the initiation date of business.
  • New business registration is valid for a term of one (1) year and does not exceed five (5) years on each registration.
  • The nature of the registered business is not against any laws or any chances of using for unlawful purposes.
  • A person who continues to run a business without registering it commits wrongdoing under the Registration of Business Act 1956. If they are at fault, they can be fined not surpassing RM50,000.00 or imprisonment for a term not surpassing two (2) years or BOTH.
  • It is not sufficient to just register your business with the SSM, business owners need to get licenses, permits or approval letters from other associated authorities in order to operate their businesses smoothly.

And you’re done!

As always, you can comment down below or contact us if you require any help with your business or company?

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