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Obtaining a computer card in Qatar

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Obtaining a computer card in Qatar

A computer card is a piece of document through which you can add foreign employees to your company. You can include partner’s signature on the card if under same sponsorship of the company. If succeeded, your partner can represent the company in absence of you. The card must include list of Qatari partners involved in your company. It is not mandatory for the non-Qatari partners to get enlisted in the computer card.

Being a non-native Qatari, you can’t hire a full-time worker under you. You even can’t issue an accommodation permit for your employee. In such condition, computer card comes into action. Once you have a computer card, you can hire full-time staffs, as well as issue them residency permits.

Documents needed to apply for the computer card

If you need a computer card, followings are the documents you must submit to the authority:

  1. Your trade license copy
  2. A copy of your CR
  3. Identification document copy of all the shareholders belong to your company
  4. Copy of ID document of every individuals who need to get enlisted o this computer card
  5. An application form for issuing the computer card. The form should be well drafted.
  6. You must provide a recommended fee to process your computer card.

Information required for the application form

This form includes several fields. These fields demand authenticated credentials such as applicant’s identification information and company information. The form has designated fields for providing company stamp and signature. You must provide authenticated signature and company stamp in accordance.

Things you can do once you have computer card

1. You can hire employees

2. You can issue residency permit for your employee

3. You can also issue exit permit for your employee

Things you must know

At the beginning you to issue the computer card mentioning the names of shareholders. This is because at initial stage you are not supposed to have employees working for your company.

You have to enlist employees’ names on the computer card once hired under company RP.

One last important note which you must remember is that, you cannot issue your computer card from MEC. You can apply and collect your card only from the immigration department. The immigration and passport control office of Qatar deal with this task.

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