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Process of obtaining a residency card in Qatar

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Process of obtaining a residency card in Qatar

Recently Qatar has updated their work and living permit process. It is now more flexible and convenient. Thanks to the recently revised labor law, expats now have a faster access to residency card.

The labor law now permits applicant to bring his/ her family and also allows spouse to work as well.

To get the residency card in Qatar an expat has to go through several procedures. The interested candidate must get a work residency permit or RP first. This article will highlight each step and explain in an order.

At the very beginning, expatriate who wish to live and work in Qatar need to have a residency permit. But for that a newcomer will get a temporary visa arranged by his/ her employer in Qatar. In most cases, company is Qatar often gives sponsorship for an employee’s arrival. Keep in mind that, every employee or expat must have a Qatari native sponsor or employer.

The company employer will issue temporary visa for you at the initial stage. later on, job provider converts your temporary work visa into residency permit visa. This process of conversion takes roughly 2 to 6 weeks. Mean that time, of visa conversion the individual applicant should not leave Qatar.

Generally Qatari employer handles all the paperwork for obtaining the residency permit visa. One important thing is that, you must face a medical test before obtaining the RP. It is one of a pre-needed procedure for getting the residency permit.

The test includes blood grouping. Blood test also detects any drugs trace and blood transmitted diseases available. You will also need a chest X-ray. When needed, you must place all these obtained medical reports.

Your next step will be registering the fingerprint. The Ministry of Interior conduct this authentication procedure. Mean that time you have to arrange education certificate. All these documents need proper attachment and notarization. Once prepared, submit all these papers to your job provider, so that he can apply for RP on behalf of you.

Once received, your employer should submit all the paperwork to apply for your RP. As mentioned above, issuing a residency permit may take 2 to 4 weeks, sometime little longer. Once you have your residency permit, you can now have residency card issued for you.

The new card system replaced old residency sticker on passport. It is much more flexible and convenient to carry. Once you got your residency card, you can now have access to various services in Qatar. You can also sponsor your spouse and children to come to Qatar to live with you. In need your spouse can also work in parallel. To do so, the spouse will additionally need to apply to the recruitment department of Qatar.

The residency permit need time to time renewal. Once due date is over, your employer should renew your RP at every one to three years of intervals if needed.

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