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Taste of food in Thailand

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Taste of food in Thailand

Every year thousands of tourists gather in Thailand. The country is famous for their bustling shops, amusements and delicious cuisines. Yes, once you are in Thailand you can’t resist all the delicacies they have. Whether Local Street carts or international food chains, the foods here are mouth watering. The diverse culture blessed Thailand with uncountable variations of foods. So, here this article will highlight few of such delicacies that you must not miss while in Thailand. But first a big thanks to S & F consulting firm. This farm is renowned for company registration process and business solutions.

So, let’s hop into the list of mouthwatering delicacies that you must try once step food in Thailand.

Pad Thai

This is generally a Thai style fried noodles and is one of a very popular dish in Thailand. For some natives it is one of the national foods in Thailand. It is a Thai noodles delicacy made out of chicken or shrimps. The noodles are well fried with the toppings. If you are a vegetarian, don’t be sad as you can get your Pad Thai with vegetable toppings too. This particular dish is pretty much available in all corners of Thailand. You will find them on food carts while roaming around on the street and they are pretty cheap too.

Guay Teow

This is a very popular noodle soup in Thailand. It is a very protein and fat reach food. So you can expect chicken, beef or pork. My vegan friend might be little disappointed at this point. Anyhow you can customize your Guay Teow with rice or egg noodles. This delicacy may include meatballs or other spicy or sour condiments to go with your test buds. Guay Teow is an all-time meal. So you don’t need to wait for any particular meal session to enjoy this food.


This is a Thai curry and is very popular among tourists who prefer less spicy dishes on their meal. It is much milder than others list of curries in Thailand. Also known as Phanaeng, this dish consists of shrimps, carrots, nuts and sometime tofu. This has some flavors of sweet, salty and a mild touch of spices. If you are not comfortable with shrimps, you always have the vegetarian version of Panang.

Paak Boong

If you are more of a health conscience tourist, then this food is for you. Also need to mention that this dish has a glorious name, “Morning Glory”. The food generally consists of a spinach variant, soya sauce, garlic, smashed Soya bean and chilies. The rumbling salty, sour and crunchy flavor of this dish will please your test buds.

Kao Niew Ma Muang

Thai people love sweet items in their meal. You can say that they have sweet tooth. Kao Niew Ma Muang is a sweet dish. Also known as Mango and sticky rice, this food is a typical dessert item.

A pallet of sliced mango, sticky rice, and condensed milk spread on top is a delight for your test buds.

Conclusion Here I have mentioned few of the popular cuisines, but the list of food choice is huge here. People here enjoy their food and love to prepare them. Such love for food makes Thailand without any doubt a heaven on earth for foodies all around the world.